1) Teaching Leadership and Organizational Behavior for San Diego Universities & online personal leadership consulting. Read: Retts, E. S. & Retts, C. R. (2011, August). While the cat’s away, will the mice play? Nurse Leader, 9(4), 50-52.



I can take your current employee relationships to a more engaged and trusting relationship as well as motivating them to a higher level of commitment in your department and decreasing turnover. I can do this through online one-on-one or team coaching/training.  The number of sessions to be determined by your need and the seriousness of your individual or departmental crisis. Contact me for a free consult.


Lead a major power company phone center to be the "Top in Customer Satisfaction in the Western United States" by improving the average customer call wait time from 30 minutes to 30 seconds.

Responsible for providing a 9+ customer service department rating scale (out of 10 points) to 290 industrial companies (four million or more in revenue) and also 800 mid-size customers.

I have spent over 30 years teaching leadership and management for eight universities in two states and  24 years being successful in turning low performing departments into high performing cultures.  My goal is to pass on what I have learned through consulting and teaching to frustrated managers in how to take back control of their departments and create high performing, productive, fun and satisfying work environments. I can do this for you.


Leadership training designed and delivered for the Water Department of the Government of Egypt and management communications training for National Panasonic for two years in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.


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