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Charlie Retts, Ed.D.



I will improve your current employee relationships to become more engaged and trusting as well as motivating them to a higher level of commitment in your department which will also decrease turnover. I can do this through online, one-on-one or team coaching/training. Please contact me for a free consult.


  • 30 years teaching leadership and management for six universities in two states (still teaching leadership)

  • 24 years in management, turning low performing organizational departments into high performing cultures 

  • Designed and conducted Training for the Government of Egypt (in Egypt) and National Panasonic (in Japan)

  • Leadership Author (2021)

  • Podcast:

"Thank you for sharing with us all your knowledge, which in my particular case has served me for many interviews and also on-the-job training. You taught me much more than you can imagine." Franklyn

"Dr. Retts doesn’t just shake up your world view with compelling philosophy throughout his book, he also provides actionable ideas. His practicality serves the reader in parable after parable." Sheryl

"You have helped me to do better in my work, not only as a leader, but as a colleague and a trained professional. I have learned that the most important thing, above all, is to have confidence in yourself to be able to understand and trust others." Christopher

"You have certainly been an example of 'practice what you preach'. You made the information challenging, but very supportive.  I always felt like what I had to add to the discussions was valued and helpful. I have certainly grown as a person – personally and professionally." Larry

"I would like to thank you for the positive feedback you provided and the little tidbits of information that you would share with us! It seems to me that most programs have a cookie-cutter approach to their responses and feedback." Martha

"You create an environment which makes us comfortable enough to carry on authentic discussions. Your feedback was exemplar and the genuine way in which you made us feel, as if we could really call on you for clarity, made all the difference." Jacob

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